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It has come to my attention that people are talking about my Blue German Shepherds.  I will not sell to Breeders of the Blue German Shepherds.  All blue puppies will leave here without AKC papers and if need be, will be spay or neutered before leaving my home.  I did this page to educate people on the blue Greman shepherd not to promote them.  I will not answer emails but will except phone calls about Blue German Shepherds. So if your a breeder don't waste my time or yours.
If you breed German Shepherd dogs long enough you will run across something new.  Two years ago I had my first blue puppy. When Katelyn had her firsts litter she had a pup that was gray and tan.  Now mind you, I witness this breeding and there was no way any other male could have been bred to Katelyn. I was floored!!! After calling my breeder friend and emailing her pictures I was told it was a blue. I bred the same female to a different male the next time around and the litter was 1/2 blues.
We as German Shepherd breeders do not intentionally want blues or breed for them. It is a recessive gene that will carry down from generations. It takes both parents to carry this gene. They are a truly beautiful dog and are so unique. 
 The blue color is a result of a dilution gene.  You will note that the eye color will stay blue eight to 10 weeks after their eyes open.  Then the color will change to gold. 
This recessive gene will delute any black pigment on the dog.  Such as foot pads, nose, eye rim even the coat on the german shepherd dog.
AKC does recongnize a blue German Shepherd.  Showing them is a serious fault.  All pigment needs to be black.
Owning a Blue German Shepherd is no different then owning any other color of shepherd.  Health issues are still the same.  They make wonderful additions to any family.  Temperament should always be considered first over color.
You can see the difference in the colors of German shepherds.  These pups are 2 1/2 weeks old.
NOTE.  They still have tan on them.
Blue German Shepherd puppy at 4 weeks old.
Blue German Shepherd puppy at 5 weeks old.
Blue German Shepherd puppy,  Note the blue eyes.
Blue German Shepherd Puppy at 4 1/2 months. Note the eyes have change to gold.
Blue German Shepherd Puppy at 6 months.
Blue German Shepherd at a year.
Mayhem lives in Lake Tahoe with her family.  She is now 12 weeks old.



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