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Our AKC German Shepherd puppies are born and raised right in our home in a very clean, family environment where they receive plenty of love, care, kisses (we do lots of kissy-faces!) attention and gentle handling. By the time they are ready to be placed with their new owners, our German Shepherd puppies are very well-socialized and make a wonderful addition to your family.

As very responsible breeders for more than 25 years, the health of our dogs is a very important concern for us. Our German shepherds are thoroughly screened for hereditary health problems by a licensed veterinarian prior to breeding, including OFA certification.  We offer a 2 year replacement health guarantee against life threating hereditary disorders. All AKC puppies will be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Unless sold as show quality. This helps us to do our part against irresponsible breeding practices, and to help reduce the growing number of unwanted dogs in shelters throughout the country.



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If Your Interested in one of these puppies call me at 209-602-1909


Champion Dream CT-Tebe One Day of Thunder



Dam:  Deblyns Sky


We have available

3 males and 3 females.



We are now 7 weeks old



Male Puppy, Blue Collar #1


Green Collar Male.

White Collar Male



Purple  Collar Female

Red Collar Female

Yellow Collar Girl






Breeder of quality German Shepherd puppies

Contact Debby White 


email: deblyns.dw@gmail.com

Cell: 209-602-1909


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