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CH Amber's Fantasia of Deblyns HT, PT, ROM

OFA Excellent hips and Elbows


To See Diva's Pedigree please visit our blog


CH Ambers Fantasia of Deblyns show dog

CH Ambers Fantasia of Deblyns head shot

CH Ambers Fantasia as a German shepherd puppy

GV Waysides Honky Tonk Man x Debonair's Maria V Ambers. 


Diva carries The Black factor. She does not carry the coat factor.

"Check Out Diva's Herding pictures under our Blog"



German Shepherd dog Haley   


Deblyn's "I love Lucy"  

Deblyns I Love Lucy German Shepherd

Deblyns I love Lucy German Shepherd Head shot


 Deblyn's Just In Time to Remember X CH Amber's Fantasia of Deblyn's

OFA GS-81084G32F-VPI, OFEL GS-EL23479F32 



Deblyns TjR's Touch of Class HT, OFA


Deblyns-TjR's In Rememberance, HT


Specalizing in quality German Shepherds Puppies

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email: deblyns.dw@gmail.com

Cell: 209-602-1909


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