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Older German Shepherd Puppies


debby i must let you know that tiger whom we bought from you
last jan. 99 is the most beautiful looking shepard on this
planet and i am thankful to you. my daughter who you met plays with her
all day long and tiger sleeps on the bed and goes everywhere
we go and loves the attention he gets.
san jose, ca santa clara -

Hi Deb;
Cruised by to see Harley. Nice boy. I love the rich Mahogany colouring of your kids. Also like the idea of the Puppy Application form. Let us know if you plan on coming to the shows in Alberta, Canada. Would love to meet you. Mary
Tony & Mary Lockwood <
Sherwood Park, AB Canada -

Dear Debbie, Your site is great. What a thrill to see our dog Newman on your site. He is one of the best German Shepherd we have ever had (he is my 6th shepherd). His temperment is wonderful and we are constantly stopped by people who admire his good looks. Good luck and keep breeding such wonderful dogs. Bye, Diana 
Diana Bernsten <
Kentfield, CA USA -

Hi Debby just checking in on Gloria Jean(Gypse Jean). We can't wait to get her home the kids can't wait to play with the new baby!
Stacey <
Fremont, Ca -

Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family Sarge is the most beautiful German Sheperd in the world. I will always know who to call for excellent breeding. Your Web site is great and straight forward.
Thanks again
Arnold Aranda
Arnold Aranda <
Oakland, Ca. USA -

Hi Debby
I just love your site!! The colors you have used and your graphics look wonderful..... your GSD's are gorgous, I just love that black and red color pigment..your guestbook is very original I love it.... It has been fun getting to know you on the list.... best to you in the future!!!Jan
Jan LeDoux <
Spokane, WA U.S -

Our puppy Hunter is adorable. His temperament is wonderful; he is absolutely beautiful and "stops traffic" wherever he goes; he is very intelligent; and of course, a little naughty. Now that sounds like a proud parent, doesn't it? 
Lee Halkias <
Fresno, CA USA -

My Rose. She is as soft and delicate as the flower itself. Picture perfect. Gentle and demure. Her ears are as velvety as petals. Her paws are perfect. Her gait, smooth and sleek as silk. Devoted and dependable. Protective and playful. She slipped into my heart and now its trail rides to roller blades. Thank you Deb for my Rose, my friend.
katie <katt4u2000> 
merced, ca usa - 


What a fun trip around your site. Your dogs, your pictures and your captions are great. Did I do good katiepups? KIF
Ed and Karen Franceschina <
Huson, MT USA -

Hi Debby,The "pups" are doing great and still growing by the day! We'll keep in touch and let you know how the agility course is coming. Let us know if you ever have a "family" reunion... Storm & Sky will be there!
Marc & Fiona <
Livermore, CA -

Great Website! I found our next puppy girl at this wonderful site- thanks, Debby for the gorgeous photos, terrific information, and quick response! We can't wait for the day we bring her home!
Michele Laughlin <
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA -

Just signing your guest book, but would also like to thank you for
our puppy Yeager that we bought in Aug. 2000. All your dogs are
very beautiful.
Jeff & Jeannette Tarver <
Santa Rosa, CA USA


I purchased a dog from you back in 1995, she is a wonderful family dog. Thank you.
Janel Costanzo <
San Bruno, CA USA -

Hi Debby, This is the second time I have visited your website, the first time signing the guestbook though. The pictures look great and there are lots of them, the site was very easy to download and easy to get around. I particularly love Harley, he is such a handsome boy! Also I think the online puppy application is a great idea! Very nice site! Thanks for sharing your dogs with us.
Liz and Jim Gregory
Liz Gregory <
Blackwood, NJ USA -

Hi Debby!
Just wanted to say how much we all LOVE our puppy Kobe! Our hearts were broken by the sudden loss of our beloved German Shepard, Jessie (in April), when he was hit by a car. We came to you within days of our loss and bought Kobe. We have no doubt that he was the right choice, as he has fit in beautifully with our family (including 3 children ages 4 to 12)!! You sold us a quality GSP and we thank you for that! Kobe has mended our hearts and filled our home with happiness. German Shepards are the best and your website shows that!! What fun it was to see his pic on your website, we'll send more soon. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Janelle Corbett and family  

Tanaya is six months old now. Wow, what a remarkable little dog. Smart, well tempered, social and totally funny. I have never met a german shepard who/which is so gregarious with people and other dogs. I have never had a dog that stopped traffic. People pull over just to talk to her.

Hi Debby!
Your dogs are spectacular. (Like you didn't know that!) As nice as the pictures are on your web site, the dogs are much more special in person. I came to you to get our ten week old male, Shasta, and wound taking one of his sisters as well, Whitney. (I hope she turns out as sweet as her half sister Hailey.) The puppies are adapting to their new desert home. A seven hundred mile drive with two puppies is a unique experience. Thirteen hours of peeing, vomiting and pooping - and that was just me! But I would have gladly travelled twice as far to acquire such great puppies. You are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for all of your encouragement.
Dave Fehr <
Scottsdale, AZ USA -

Hi, Debby, I'm finally getting around to signing your guestbook! Maggie is great! She is such a wonderful family pet. I don't know what my kids would do without her to play with (besides beat on each other). She not only has a great personality, she is beautiful, too. Thanks for selling me such a great dog.
Ramona Turner <
Fresno, CA USA -


Hi there love the site and i see you care for the breed keep up the good work all the best from Ireland
Sean Beckett <
belfast, -


Debby, we just wanted to 'THANK YOU' for our new dog, Kayla.
We enjoyed meeting you and your dogs. We never knew German
Shepherds could be such a gentle breed. The time, energy
and dedication you give to your dogs is evident in the types
of dogs you produce. We feel very lucky to have found you
and can't tell you enough how happy we are with Kayla.
Mike, Tracy, Becca & Nick <
Morgan Hill, CA USA -


Hi Debby, Your site is looking great, Keep up the good work with our magnificent breed. Good Luck in your forthcoming shows. Talk soon.
Anita Guy <
Lancashire, UK -


Hi Debby,
just wanted to drop a note to your guestbook to let you know how much we love our GSD puppy, Deblyn's Irish Ceili (Kaylee) She is a joy! She is having so much fun picking tomatoes from our yard, chasing soccer balls and our 3.5 lb Yorkie, watching hockey on TV (like the rest of us:) and playing with all the kids in the neighborhood! Thank you-thank you-thank you! Michele, Kevin, Patrick & Christopher Laughlin (Kaylee and Panzer)
Michele Laughlin <
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA


Love your website. Great dogs. Dad says gives you something to do.
Neal Holt <
Bendavis, Mo USA -


Hey Aunt Debby!
I just found your website and it looks great! I will be sending a picture of me and my registered shepard, "MAX" to you soon! e-mail me if you have a chance, maybe we can keep in touch this way!?

love you!
Jusitn Holt <
Needville, Tx usa -


Hi Debby!
Great site. I just wanted to say I got my new pup and I can see where she gets her looks from..Such beautiful lineage where she comes from! I got her from a breeder in Salida...I love her (my new gal Mila) to pieces..She is such a beauty! Look forward to talking with you soon.
Again, good job on your site and the kids are looking at magnificent as ever...
Karen <
San Leandro, ca -


Debby, what a fantastic site. So easy to get around, beautiful dogs and your obvious love for the breed. The music is also a very nice touch. Good luck always, Les
Les Salowski <
Pickering, ON Canada -


Ya done good Debby. Loved my whole trip thru your site. Debbie M. did an excellent job. Of course, seeing our boy Harley makes me smile all the time. Congrats on a super site.
Missoula, MT USA - 


What a great site Debby, and such beautiful dogs! You must be so proud and we are sure impressed! Keep up the good work, your a big asset to the GSD family.
Randy & Debbi Marx <
Trenton, MI USA -


Hi Debby this is like the third time I have tried this... I wanted to thank you so very much for Hanna, she is great and looks so much like Lisa!!! Her red is beautiful.. Everyone wants to know where she came from!!! It was great to meet you finally, and you dogs were great around our kids!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.... lots of pictures to come!!!!
Paula <
Oceanside, Ca - 


Hi Debbie! I enjoyed cruising through your site and seeing all of the kids...especially beautiful Haley and Lacey. :) I enjoyed your puppy photo page, too. Very humorous! Take care and keep on loving those GSDs!
Cassandra a.k.a Babycass <


Love your web site. The puppies look good and so do those bitches of yours.
Paul Mazzone
Paul A Mazzone <


Debbie, thanks for all the info, HELP and, advise. I have truly learned alot about selecting a quality breeder. I have seen both sides of dog breeding, the money hungry, only care about SELLING the dogs next litter. You know, the puppy mill tpye of breeder. You are the opposite of that, you are someone who really cares about the breed and her dogs. Great job, keep up the good work. You are a quality person that happens to sell great dogs.
Jim Wiesner
San Jose, Ca USA -


Proud to brag that "my" family got Debby's pick of the litter from Phoebe and Jesse. Chloe is all that a german shepherd owner could ever dream of. Anyone who gets one of her dogs is very, very lucky.
Patty Bartzi <
Pittsburg, Ca USA -


Debby, Ed and I can't tell you how much we love and enjoy Harley. We're so proud of Harley for getting his Canadian Championship. We're still waiting for the papers and we'll send you a copy. He decided to jump up on the bed this morning and wake us up with kisses. Now, what better way to wake up is there?
Karen and Ed <
Huson, MT USA -


Hi, Debby,
It's me, your favorite veterinarian! I want to say again, how happy I am with Maggie (and her baby). She is so smart, steady, and anxious to please (and beautiful). She is like a sibling to my kids. They run around and chase each other! Maggie is very happy and we love her. And now we have her son, Mustang. He is so calm and "cool". Mustang is so well adjusted, that he barked at something for the first time last week (I guess everything was O.K. until then). I bought a Buddha figure and put it on the kitchen counter. He must have thought it was an intruder, because he barked at it! Mustang has NO STRESS. He has the perfect life. :) Thanks to my kids, he thinks dogs sleep on the couch. Thank you. Maggie and Mustang have given so much love to us.
Ramona L. Turner, DVM
Fresno, CA
Ramona <

Fresno, CA -

Hi Debby!
What a great website! I'm so glad you told me about it. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv the picture of KC...she is even more beautiful now and the sweetest GSD I've ever seen!
I'll keep in touch,
Sharon File <
Fresno, CA -


Very cool Site. I love German Shepherds!!!! I am a single woman and will NEVER live without a German Shepherd in my home! They are very protective, good with children, extremely loving and smart and they also pose a threat to unwelcome visitors. I've never had a better best friend! Bailey (my GS) is low maintenance, never runs up my credit card, never cheats on me or never calls me fat, Bailey protects me with her life and never complains. Can't ask for more than that! : )
Pam <


Hi Debby,
It's been awhile since You have heard from me. I wanted you to know that
we named the puppy, "Chance", and that he is doing extremely well. What
a joy he is! His personality is exactly what we were looking for in a
shepherd. He is so willing to please and greet everyone he meets.
He calm tempered and gentle when at play. I have begun working with
Chance on his obedience and is he is quick at catching on to new
commands. Although I am still selective on where I take him in public
since he hasn't completed all his puppy shots. I do make sure he is
petted by anyone who wants to touch him. Since he is so calm in public
he is constantly approached.Thankfully he enjoys being cuddled.
My husband arrived home two days after Chance first arrived and to my
amazement I came home from work to find Chance not just in the house but
snuggled on the couch with Bill.. believe me this was a first for any of
our dogs.
I have been asked by many where I got him and I let them know your web
site and why I chose your shepherds. I have stressed that looks are nice
but health and temperament was my first concerns.
I hope to contact you in the future when looking for another puppy.Thank
   you for choosing us as one of your customers.
Oh yes, I almost forgot. I will sign those papers and get them out to you.
Nina Sites of Washington


Dear Debbie,
My pup of 10 years past away on Apirl 19, 2002. Black Jack was a great dog and she gave me much happiness. I believe Katie was her momma and Black Jack had her "ticking" on her coat. Thanks for the great dog and I hope to get another one from you soon. CYA!!
Owner Of Black Jack <

Hi Debby,
I sent some photos of Rusty (Canyon Blue Country) off to you yesterday. As you will see, Rusty remains the light of our lives. Your website is great. We enjoy looking at all the photos. Best of luck to Country in Montana and as always we wish you much continued success with your breeding. I hope to return in a few years down the road for another puppy. I still  have to convince Steven that we will need another dog before the girls have gone off to college. Best wishes to you and your family.
The Vance Family
Steven, Teresa, Lisa, Stacie and Rusty

Hey Debby just dropped by to see you BRIGHT new site!!! Tripper looks really great!! Congradulations on PartyTime of Sherwood's ( Hanna's littermate ) 3PT. major!! Hanna is due this comming year!!! How exciting 3 champions I know that I will keep my fingers crossed!!!! Hanna's movement is flawless, temperment excellent, plush coat, rich color, just beautiful!!! I will keep you posted on the litter.... I want to thank you again for such a GREAT GSD!!!!
Paula Aubrey <
Toronto, Oh USA - Monday, November 24, 2003 at 23:46:56 (PST)

HI Debbie,
       Thanks for the email on the NoCall List.  I had meant to get the website from the newspaper and then recycled it, so I was glad to receive your email. 
       Just finished perusing your website and drooling over the puppies.  We are so glad to see that Newman is still on your site.  He continues to be the love of our life, children not withstanding, and If I have to hear my husband, Brock, tell me one more time how handsome he is, I might throw up.  Of course, he is absolutely right, Newman is the most handsome, sweetest dog I have ever had.  He and Brock just left for their almost daily jog together and almost every day, someone stops and comments on what a beautiful dog he is.  He and Brock are known in the community as the jogging duo.  Brock just wishes someone would stop and say how handsome he is, rather than the dog!!  Oh well, but better than that, Newman is so gentle, so sweet tempered and loves everyone.  My only worry with him around small children is that he will knock them over due to his size in his eagerness to play. He could have been a champion. By the way, I was glad to see that Harley is doing well. I will try and follow his successes as he was also a great looking dog.
       I hope you are well and glad to see that you are still breeding.  We are so grateful for Newman.
             `            Take care,
                           Diana Bernsten


I love German Shepherds, they are such a beautiful breed inside and out I've had one already, they're intelligent fabulous dogs.
Lisa <
San clemente, Ca U.S.A. - Tuesday, November 25, 2003 at 18:42:25 (PST)


Debs im lafin, Your site was found on a dating site??..lol, well just wanted you to know i found it on a GSD site.. Sammy and Apollo still going strong at 8 and 9 yrs old....wooho!!! Give a wave to all the Calif GSD people i miss so much...huggerssssss
sherri <
OK - Wednesday, December 03, 2003 at 21:39:33 (PST)


I am a avid german shepard lover. Unfortunately my german shepard passed away, due to cancer last week. She was only 6 years old. She was AKC registered and a beauitful and loyal dog. We will always remember her in her glory as well as her badness. Future shepard owners should honor their dogs in life. Cause in my opinion german shepards are the most loving and loyal dogs any person can have. Thank you for letting me share this with you. She walks among the clouds with god and my mother.
Michael Jones <
MD USA - Sunday, December 14, 2003 at 08:56:34 (PST)


Tasha is ayear old and she is my big baby girl and she is so smart, at six weeks old she was doing tricks like crawling, rolling over,and sitting, and giving her paw.
Everywhere I go she goes if I let her.
Harold Bandy <
Statesville, NC USA - Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 21:49:16 (PST)

I am a Dog Lover and i am having a german shepard puppy & one Doberman. if you can give me some advise to train and care the puppy pls i appriciate. regards.
Manoj Kumar Rathod <
bhuj, gujarat india - Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 04:55:21 (PST)

very good site and very good dogs. Please add my website in yours.
Kennel Bretniger - Land

Thanks and a happy new year
Mario Köhler <marioundanke@freenet.de>
Germany, D Germany - Tuesday, December 30, 2003 at 17:24:35 (PST)

Gorgeous dogs!
Debbie Moore <webmaster@pet-net.net>
Manuels, NF Canada -

I've had Max for 2 years. My son's bought him for me after I lost my dalmation. Iwould like to know exactly what kind of shepard he is. I was wondering if you would know how I could contact this information.
Sincerly Teri Thompson
Teri Thompson <tteri57@yahoo.com>
Coden, Al United States - Thursday, January 01, 2004 at 19:14:43 (PST)

We have a sweet white German Shepard pup. We named him Geist(ghost in German). We had a great shepard for several years, but lost her, Daisy, in an accident. She was smart and beautiful. Thank you for this site. the Hugeners, AL
Joseph Hugener <
Monroeville, AL USA - Friday, January 02, 2004 at 18:49:29 (PST)

I love your site. I just resently got a white long haired shepard from a man who was just giving them away in front of a walmart. He couldn't sell them because the father had no papers. I had never even heard of a long-haired german shepard before any-who I found your site by looking for pics of what she would look like when she's an adult dog. I couldn't find any so If you have any or know of someone who does I would realy appreciate if you could e-mail me one. Thanks, De'Lane
De'Lane <
lavergne, tn US - Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 19:45:31 (PST)


Great site!! I have a 10 year old registered GSD "Czar" and an 11 year old half GSD/Lab "Segar". They have been the best dogs in the world. They are like my son's. I even have pictures of them in my wallet. There is nothing like a GSD. It is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best breed out there. My registered GSD is starting to have some degenerative problems in his back legs. He still gets around pretty good, but every once in a while he has a little trouble. I just hope and pray he'll be with me for a long time. I was thinking of getting another GSD puppy this Spring or Summer. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. I thought a new puppy would learn a lot from the other 2, but I also didn't want to hurt their feelings by bringing another dog in the house. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Again, a Great site for the Greatest Breed around.
Rod Henry <
Toronto, OH USA - Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 22:40:27 (PST)


Hi Deblyn just wanted to say hi and update everyone on my German Shepard named Zeus. He never gained any extra weight due to a pancreas disorder but he is a happy 60 lbs. The vet told me had his disorder been on the lower end he would have starved to death regardless of how much he ate. I also adopted a white German Shepard from the Humane Society so Zeus could have a buddy. We named him Whitey. He was only 70 lbs when I got him and he was very sick. He had heart warm disease, lyme disease and was loaded with intestinal warms. After an extensive treatment he now only has lyme disease which the vet stated we could control that one. Whitey now weighs 107lbs and him and zeus are best buddies. My boys are both gentle babies and get along with my 3 cats and our mini pin named pippy. So our home is quite entertaning. 3 dogs and 3 cats. So if anyone out there has any questions on how we incorporated all these animals drop me an email and I will gladly answer your questions. Den
Dennis Basonic <
Steelton, Pa USA - Friday, January 30, 2004 at 22:31:43 (PST)


Date: 03/02/05 18:43:02
Subject: comments
I really enjoyed your website--all of the puppies and dogs are just beautiful.
We bought two German Shepherds from Barbara Amidon--Maxine was 13 years old when she passed away on April 13th, of 2002.  She was the perfect shepherd.
Then in November of that year, Barbara drove from New Jersey with her daughter to her sister's house and we drove there to buy another female puppy.
Her name is Lexie, and she is so good.  She's smart, and has such a great temperment just like Maxine did.  Lexie also loves kids and enjoys playing with all the the children in the neighborhood. 
Just love your pictures of the puppies.

Hi Debby,
Here are some recent photos of our girl. As you can see in one of the photos, she thinks she is a lap dog. She is in the last stage of her 1st heat. Ben and I are seriously thinking of letting her have 1 litter of puppies. Ben would like to keep one of the males from her litter. Can you recommend someone here in Washington that we can contact on a possible sire to breed her to? We value your opinion on this, and any suggestions you may have. I jokingly told Ben that if we do get another puppy, he is going to be the one to do the potty training, etc. He laughed.
Expecting a really dry summer here. Everyone is concerned about the lack of water. This winter we had very little snow in the mountains. They are already talking drought for Washington. Not good news for us that have cattle. By the way, we had twins born today from one of our mama cows. First set of twins for us. They were a bull calf and a heifer calf.  Hope everything is going good with you. Talk to you later.
Lisa Davis  

Hi Debby,

Just want to say hi, and to tell you that KC is  continuing to do great!  She is so pretty, and is 8 years old now!  Wow, does time fly!  I was so excited to see her picture is still on your home page J 

My daughter in Tennessee really wants a German Shepherd, so I’m checking to see what you have coming up.  It looks like you have one litter coming up, but I can’t tell when.  So, when you have a chance, please email me and let me know what the year looks like.  Her husband plays for the Tennessee Titans and they have just moved to a 5 acre place in the country.  They have two Labs, one is getting old and the other is a “puppy” (almost a year) and Kerri wants a German Shepherd to play with the puppy so the older one can get some rest!  And, our whole family is so in love with KC, her beauty and her temperament, and they would love to be able to buy one of your puppies.

Hope everything is going well for you,


Sharon File


Hi Debbie….. Just wanted to check in and let you know how well Zeke is doing….. He is the greatest dog and we are so happy we have him.  This picture is of him and Shad in Yellowstone National Park.  He did awesome in the car and just had the best demeanor on the whole trip.  Everyone just thinks he is the best looking dog ever!  We agree and we love him so very much.  Thanks again for being such a wonderful breeder and we look forward to working with you again! 


Shannon Castle


Here were are living it up in Oregon at Harris State Beach!
Hendrix is a great addition to our family!
Jeremy & Andrea Benn

Hi Debby,
I should have some photos by this weekend. I will send them to you soon. I will also print hard copies of the ones I tried to email you. Maverick is living up to his name. He is such a "loose cannon". Funny to watch and fun to be with! SMART!!! and travels well. He is a sweatheart, very verbal (like a two year old going through his "terrible twos") and likes feet and hands as chew toys. Oh, he has his own. In fact he's gone through one of those large dog size corn starchy chicken flavored bones already. He has a jolly ball, jolly chipmunk, booda ball (gift from our neighbor) teething star, fleece star, boomarang stuffed thing. He loves his bed (you'll see it in the photos). He's not as outgoing as Rusty was, but I think he attracts more attention because he minds his own business. People didn't understand Rusty's outgoing nature and were worried about the way he stared at them. He couldn't understand why they didn't come over and give him love and ador ation galore! Maverick has met some nice people who are amazed that he is only just over five months old. He follows me around the house, which I really like. He loves to cuddle and snores very loudly! I do compare him to Rusty, but in a good way-what he doesn't do that Rusty may have, he does in his own precious little ways-like blowing bubbles in the water. Getting long winded so I'll stop. I talk to Maverick about Rusty. I'm waiting for the day when he just looks at me and rolls his eyeballs-ha ha ha
Talk to you again soo, hope you are well,

Hi Debby,
I will try to resend again. I should have some photos within a week or two. Yes, he is a very funny little boy! He flips and he trips and yes the combination becomes a somersault. His first full day with us, I noticed he puts his whole face in his water bucket and would blow bubbles. After he went into the raft and now his wading pool, he almost appears to breathe underwater! He blows bubbles all the time! Quite unique, maybe not for one of your dogs, they are pretty amazing :-)
He is quite the yapper and ankle biter. However he doesn't bite my ankles as much as everyone elses. The vet had the best observation. When we brought Maverick in for his rabies shot and his last distemper, we told him he may be a little nervous. The vet replied, "yeah he's a little nervous, but he seems more perturbed at the moment". That is exactly how Maverick gets when he is past his patience point! Right now we're working on car rides. We bought him a harness so he can be (seat) belted into place. The harness is padded and looks like a little vest that a police dog would wear-he looks quite handsome in it! He moans and groans after five to ten  minutes, then settles down. He's funny, he used to start moaning and groaning after ten or fifteen minutes now he moans and groans right away until he realizes that he is not going anywhere. He settles down and puts his head on the seat or puts his chin on the window sill. He is really smart and learns quickly. I kee p telling myself that he hasn't even been with us two weeks so he still needs lots of rest/naps. He is a bundle of fun and again I thank you for letting us take him home. And at the risk of  repeating myself, he has done wonders for easing the pain of losing Rusty. He helps me remember so many good times I had with Rusty-"the dog I wanted all my life". Maverick may just turn out to be "the dog I needed all my life".
Thanks again Debby, I hope you are doing well.

What happened?  It worked last time I tried it . . . ."
Hi Debbie,
     Last Thursday-Saturday Steve and I took our travel trailer down to Big Sur and introduced Boomer to camping at Pfeiffer State Park.  He's a star!  As each component was introduced (like don't bark at everybody that walks by, yes it's closer than at home but this is camping
) he learned it and moved on.  Peeing, pooping on leash---no problem.  Being quiet in the car as mommie/daddy are setting up---a piece of cake.  His m.o. is, when new things arrive, look at Buddy, see what he's doing, or sit real close to him if it's a little scary.
     We were astonished over and over again by his mature, calm approach to everything.  He walked in the river but just stared in amazement when big brother Buddy swam.  Then had berserk attacks when Buddy got out.  He did do one bit of swimming when he stepped in a hole that was deeper than he is---lots of splashing until he got out of it.  Then he calmly walked over to a shallow spot, sat down on a rock, and I tell you truly, thought about it.  Didn't want to move, wanted to think.
     Good thing we went camping, it's frying here and has ever since we got back.  I realize I'm preaching to the choir here.  We're living in our trailer since we got home because it has AC and of course our house doesn't because WE DON'T NEED IT OVER HERE.  WHAT'S THIS HOT CRAP ALL ABOUT.  Sorry, small temper tantrum brought on by extreme heat!
     Don't melt.  Hugs, Dawn

Debby, He is a very smart dog.  It's funny to watch
                                               him when he is given a command (like come or OFF the
                                               cat).  You can actually see him struggling between
doing exactly what he wants and pleasing us. He stands
there and wrinkles up he forehead. For the most part
he will do what he is asked and with more formal
training and as he gets older I think he will be very
good at obedience. My favorite thing is to watch him
prance/strut with the I am so happy and the world is
mine to explore look.  He really has a nice gait, an
outgoing personality and save his long coat would
probably show well. We just love him. Did you place
all the puppies?  Silvia

He had his head snuggled behind my head and was almost asleep when Steve went for the camera.  What a big snuggle bunny.

He's a star at Puppy School.  He has great days with Hank, our goddaughter's Labradoodle.  She lives a stone's throw from our house and we  take him there or she brings Hank here for play time.  He has that and lots of other opportunities for socialization.  He charms EVERYONE who meets him.  Buddy loves him and they play alot---Boomer has good social skills and knows when Buddy wants to be finished playing.  Everybody is happy.

We are ever grateful to you for breeding such a delightful woofie.  Hugs, Dawn

Hi Debby,
I just wanted to pass along some pictures of Cody. He is now 6 months old, and we love him! He is such a loyal puppy! He loves the water, and is having a great time playing in the sprinklers and his wading pool! I have even been asked by police officers where I got him! He is gorgeous!

Jean and Kristen Riley 


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